We all wish that money grew on trees! But unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees. Most of us need to sweat and put up with long hours of work in order to earn a decent living. If you are thinking of putting the few spare hours you have got to good use to earn for yourself a few extra bucks, the suggestions that are given in the article below will be of use to you.

Online teaching

If you are good in teaching and have a sound knowledge about a particular subject, you can join an online tuition centre and teach students across the country. You will be helping someone pass an important examination and that thought too will be a great reward indeed!

You can find lots of websites today on the internet that offer these services often even to students that are located in foreign countries. You will certainly be able to earn a lot of money using your knowledge.If the subject area you specialize in is a complex one, you will have the opportunity to earn more. For example, if you have studied law you can consider becoming a VCE legal studies tutor. Your skills will be in great demand in the market and so you will be able to use that to earn more than an average income.


If you have a flair for writing you can consider becoming a freelance writer. You can opt to write for clients or create your own blog. A personal blog is a great way to express your thoughts freely and creatively. It can be a new hobby that you can consider pursing. You will have the freedom to choose how many hours of the day you will work this way too. You can start promoting your blog and earn quite a lot of money in time.

Private fitness instructor

Those who are total gym freaks can consider sharing their fitness secrets by becoming private fitness instructors. Quite a lot of people in the world are interested in losing weight these days so you can certainly capitalize on this trend! If you possess a state of the art gymnasium at home, you will be able to start your own part time business with great ease. Your clients will most likely come to you after work hours too so you will be able to earn while doing your normal day job.

Makeup artists

Do you have tons of hot new beauty products and love standing in front of the mirror adorning your face with powders and concealers? Well you can make others look pretty too by becoming a part time makeup artist. You can create your own beauty blog/ vlog and share tips online. This will help you build a good customer base by creating a good awareness in the market.
All the best with your efforts!